Thomas Chambliss Williams – Impact In Alexandria

Most of the time people think about the schools they do not think about the people that ran them or built them in the past. However, in Alexandria, VA it is hard for people to overlook some of the schools as one of the schools bears the name of the former superintendent in Thomas Chambliss Williams. Williams was very influential in his development of the schools, but also oversaw the school system at some of the most times in America for various reasons, and this can make a difference in how he is seen as a person.

Thomas Chambliss Williams is not a name that a lot of people will recognize outside of the region or even in the modern times. However, he was the superintendent of the Alexandria City public schools from the middle of the 1930s all the way into the midst of the 1960s. This means that he served as the school was coming out of the Great Depression, but also managed to help when he would see most of the graduates from the school head off into the war effort and not come back home.

As if following seeing most of the students head off to war in the 1940s was not hard enough, Williams would be in charge when the Civil Rights battle started. While this was a significant turning point in the history of the country, it would be tough for some of the schools to accept the integration that was ordered by the courts. This was very true in most of the Southern States, like Alabama, but it was towards the end of Williams career, so he was most likely not as upset about it as some other people were made out to be.

After he left the school system decided to establish a school in his honor for the great leading that he provided to the school system during these hard times. This is what led to the establishment of T.C. Williams high school Alexandria Virginia. This was a school that would become well known for its graduation rates, but also as being a school that was meant for those who are exceptionally well gifted and this meant they finally had a class that would allow the gifted students from all over the city to go and know they are getting a very high level of education.

Thomas Chambliss Williams was more than just an educator. In fact, he was often seen as a leader when most people were unable to handle the stresses of the jobs that he was placed under. With that being the case it was only fair that he was properly recognized and treated with the respect that he needed to have. This, in turn, made it quite a bit easier for him to have the great schools to be named after him as he managed to grow his legacy from one of taking over a struggling Alexandria Virginia school to making it a great one.