Kitchen remodeling in Arlington Virginia

Kitchen Remodeling Done Right

Kitchen remodeling in Arlington, VA is now more affordable than ever with Rhinds Arts’ remodeling service. Serving the Arlington, Virginia area, our business is dedicated to providing Arlington with the best kitchen remodeling at the best price available. Our team of expert remodelers can handle any remodeling job in the kitchen and we stand by our work with full confidence. Whether you need a total overhaul of your kitchen including new appliances, new flooring, new lighting and the whole package or just need something simpler ranging from replacing a dead appliance or mending some damaged floor, Rhinds Arts can help you make your kitchen its best.

Among the various projects we can easily handle is the installation of new appliances. When space is tight in the kitchen, installing a massive piece of equipment such as a sink, refrigerator or stove can easily become a difficult job for anyone, particularly if the appliances are tightly packed into the kitchen already.

In addition to installing large appliances, our company can also install the lighting that illuminates a kitchen. Whether you want lights in the walls, in the ceilings or hanging from a chandelier, our expert remodelers can easily make it happen. Given the importance of proper lighting in a kitchen, it will pay not install lighting half heartedly. When can handle both the mending damaged wiring, rewiring the kitchen to accommodate new lighting or simply briefly take apart the wall or ceiling in order to install a new light to your specifications.

In a similar vein, our company can also expertly handle installing new walling and flooring. By way of walling, many people have their own desires. Some people prefer a simple wall by their stove, right near their cabinets. However, other options do exist, particularly tiled walls to make cleaning around the stove far easier than it would be with a wooden wall. This mentality also applies to flooring and our company can install a wide range of flooring customized to your kitchen. Whether you want a full fledged stone tile floor in a luxury building that can easily handle it or a simple fresh linoleum floor in a cramped apartment space, our company can install it quickly and painlessly. It is also not a problem to install laminated hardwood flooring as well. Our builders can also repair damage to these floors ranging from water damage due to a leaking roof or fire damage from a botched baking project.

Finally, our company and its experts are capable of installing the cabinets of your dreams. No matter what shape or style your perfect kitchen cabinets are, we can install them and build them to last. Our remodelers have a wide range of expertise that make any arrangement of cabinets possible and while custom work may not be easy, it can absolute be done. If cabinets aren’t your thing, we can also install open shelving, an increasingly popular option with people in our area. Whatever your dream kitchen looks like, our company can make it a reality.