A short History Of The City Of Alexandria In Virginia

A short History Of The City Of Alexandria In Virginia

If you are headed to the East Coast, specifically the state of Virginia, you might want to stop at Alexandria Virginia. This is an independent city, one that is part of the Commonwealth of Virginia and has a population of about 150,000 people. This is uniquely located on the bank of the Potomac River and is just 7 miles away from Washington DC. The shape of the city, as with other North Virginia and Central Maryland cities, is formed due to proximity to the capital of the United States. Most of the people that work there are professionals, usually with federal civil service jobs, or private businesses which contract with the federal government. It’s also one of the largest employers for those that are part of the United States Department of protection, but it also has a unique history.

The History Of Alexandria Virginia

The oldest portion of the city is referred to as Old Town. It is a place where many tourists will go. It has restaurants, boutiques, and many other businesses that all stem from the Colonial era. The city was first founded back in 1695, and by 1791, it was part of the District of Columbia as designated by George Washington. It played a significant role in the War of 1812, as well as the American Civil War, and has easily changed into the modern city that we see today. Despite the hot summers, and what can be freezing winters, people tend to enjoy this location although the high-paying jobs are a draw. It has increased in population consistently since the 1980s, adding about 10,000 people every year. Crime rates are very low, and most of the population is white with 20% African-American and the rest consisting of Asians, Native Americans, and Hispanics. As mentioned earlier, the primary employer is the United States Department of Defense, surpassed only by the United States Department of Commerce and those that work for the City of Alexandria Virginia in the public school systems.

Since its humble beginnings as a simple port town, it has come a long way. It was George Washington’s hometown, as well as the home of Civil War Gen. Robert E Lee and has the unfortunate history of being one of the largest slave-trading ports in the eastern United States before the Civil War. However, there was always an effort on the part of those in Alexandria to make everything equal for all human beings. Anti-slavery movements were joint, such as with the Edmondson sisters and Edward Stabler, who was the owner of the Alexandria apothecary. If you visit today, you will get to experience both the Old Town and the new and innovative aspects of the city that many people enjoy. Its proximity to Washington DC will allow you to get the best of both worlds in this so-called Eco-City, a great destination for people traveling the East Coast to learn about American history.

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