4 Rules For Finding Great Schools In Alexandria

If you live in Alexandria, Virginia, or you are thinking of moving there, and you have children, it is important that you pay close attention to the schools that are available. As most people know, quality education is hard to come by. Here are four rules to follow when you are looking for a good school.

1. Private Is Not Always Best

Some people believe that schools have to be private to provide a solid education, but this is certainly not the case. Public schools can be just as rewarding; you just have to look beneath the surface and find those that are worth it. While this may seem like a useless rule to those who can afford to send their children anywhere, it can be very beneficial for those who have a limited income.

2. Talk To The Locals

You should try speaking with some of your neighbors to see if there are any particular schools they would recommend. If they have children, chances are they will let you know about the school they attend, whether the feedback is negative or positive. The great thing about this is the knowledge that all info can be used to decide which schools belong on your list of possibilities and which do not. If you have yet to move to the area, heading to a parenting forum and speaking to parents from Alexandria can give you lots of insight.

3. Visit Some Schools

Sometimes reading about a school is not enough. You cannot get the full experience unless you decide to bite the bullet and make an appointment to see the place. Make sure that you take your child with you since it is important that they are just as impressed as you are. Take the time to speak with several staff members to get a good idea of what type of school it is.

4. Inquire About Extracurricular Activities

It is critical to take note of this kind of thing when you are choosing a school. Do you have a child that is quite athletic? Can your child debate anyone under the table? Has your child always expressed an interest in ROTC? You should verify the programs offered by the school to ensure your child is a good fit. You do not want to place them in a school that does not have any activities they would be interested in.

Once you are clear about the activities offered, try to gauge how important this is to the school staff as opposed to academics. Some schools are so focused on things like intramural sports that they allow education to take a backseat. This is not a school system you want your child to attend.

Choosing the right school is probably one of the trickiest tasks parents have to complete.